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Szczucin is a town in southern Poland. It has a population of 4,069 citizens and lies on the banks of one of the biggest rivers in Poland, the Vistula River. Szczucin is home to Poland’s only Road Museum (Muzeum Drogownictwa), which has the area of two hectares, displaying ancient road building machines, as well as road signs, road posts, documents and other items.

It is one of the biggest in Europe. It was founded in 1982 and functions as the Department of History of Road. The museum collects all the memorabilia related to road construction. Solid main building with two towers and arched span evokes the form of a bridge. They are designed to explore two exhibitions: the outer, where you can admire the machinery and equipment and internal, which shows exhibits relating to the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, way of working at construction sites in the form of scenes from the life-size human figures, as well as roads and bridges in the arts. Next to the building, there is an open-air museum, built in the form of a spiral lanes with a length of approx. 1 km. Along the alleys exposures there are fragments of different surfaces made with authentic materials used in road construction.


Szczucin is also situated near Cracow, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the most attractive spots on the touristic map of Europe famous for its priceless historical monuments of culture and art. Nearby Cracow are  the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Gothic wooden churches .Just 35 km south of Cracow is the Beskidy mountain range, and 100km away, in the Tatra mountains, lies Zakopane, dubbed the winter capital of Poland.


Solec-Zdroj is a small spa town situated in the south of Poland. It's the most precious natural resource of healing waters extracted from several wells with a depth of approx. 170 m.

Solecka sulfur is the strongest in Poland and one of the best in Europe sulphide healing water. That reputation is due not only to a concentration of sulfide ions, but also high mineralization.

Spas Solec-Zdroj is a protected lowland spa Hump Pińczów against gusts of cold wind, wrapped in the south of the valley of the lower Vistula River. It is characterized by abundant sunshine and high temperatures. The climate is moderately spas for incentives, mild, with low humidity and a large number of sunny days. Also adds charm to the place beautiful Spa Park and diversifying landscape river Rzoska. Forest neighborhood, distance from the industrial resources and a large number of sunny days create a unique atmosphere conducive to rest and treatment.




Gimnazjum im. Bohaterow Wrzesnia is a junior high school. There are about 200 students in our school and 20 teachers. Our students are aged 13-15. They learn two foreign languages English and German and take part in many after school activities e.g chess, dance, art, volleyball, soccer, basketball and drama.

Students also gather in firefighting team where they learn about first aid and take part in different town celebtations. In our school there is also a school municipal council which takes part in different debates concerning our town.

In 2003 we took part in Comenius project. That was entitled 'Keys to success' and we cooperated with France, Sweden, Spain, Romania and Greece. That was a very important experience for all of us.

Gimnazjum im. Bohaterów Września
w Szczucinie

ul. Kościuszki 30
33-230 Szczucin
woj. małopolskie


tel. 14 643-64-26

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